DreamBeam | Successes
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AURA Event Hall, Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s international event hall in Zurich received in 2016 & 2018 the #1 Swiss Location Award.  AURA clients used DreamBeam for a remarkable 95% of all events. And they keep coming back. AURA boasts exceptionally high customer acceptance and impressive approval ratings: an average of 30% higher occupancy than any of the other major Zurich event halls.

  • 150+ events per annual 10-month season
  • Outstanding return on investment
  • Continued profitability

“This system transformed our business model. We bought exclusive rights and now corner the event hall market. The investment was worth it for the turnaround and revenue profits, but also for other savings in headaches, tech glitches, product testing, sourcing and freight fees. Zero frustration, no wasted time or trouble. The personnel are incredibly supportive. This will be a long, strong partnership.”  – Phillip Haussener, Aura CEO



Papagayo Bay Resort & Luxury Villas, Costa Rica

We are proud to have sealed an exclusive deal with Papagayo Bay Resort. DreamBeam will be included in the luxury hotel’s event hall coming soon to Costa Rica.