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Our ambition was fusing creative power with intuitive user-manageability to create an event hall game-changer. Easily increased event turn-over means increased revenues. Dreambeam’s a turnkey package, adaptable to any space, combining support services with our innovative software and technology – and with exclusive regional rights so you can further secure industry advantage while engaging every budget. 

The Deliverables

  • DreamBeam operating tools and software
  • 4-wall panoramic projection screens
  • 250+ mesmerizing dreamscape projections
  • Concert-quality surround-sound technology
  • Room-wide concert, event and club lighting
  • Dedicated in-house tech support team
  • Sales team trainings
  • Full service support and upgrades
  • Event design manager for your sales team
  • Custom marketing materials


DreamBeam promises unlimited creative opportunities for every age group and budget — stock, custom or full design. Your clients choose signature themes from the dreamscape catalog or have world-class events custom designed with their logos, graphics, HD/4, videos, photos or internet streaming of live video feeds. You’ll offer design previsualization, rehearsal tools, show programming, custom media creations and show implementation. Dazzling effects are offset by surprisingly simple usability. This both secures client confidence and customer loyalty.

 Experience client service interactions here


Emotional impact

The DreamBeam sensations are powerful. They create lasting memories of your venue. Client loyalty results.

Exclusive regional partnership agreements

Secure competitive industry positioning with highly profitable custom media and project partner income.

Turnkey operations

Managed staff and maintenance services are extremely cost effective vs. third party AV vendors.

Unlimited creative opportunities

For every client and budget – stock, custom or full design – with significant savings on equipment, set-up labor and freight expenses.


The permanent installation reduces non-revenue technical setup time. 80% savings on event equipment, setup labor, freight fees, while eliminating damages from rented equipment setup and removal. Cost-effective advantages over 3rd party AV vendors.

Onsite client pre-visualizations

Enhance sales efforts, increase client approval and boost new sales opportunities. Our coordination tools also smooth collaborations with your preferred design agency to strengthen your relationships with these key specifiers and influencers. Full localization, support and promotional materials.

The Proof!

Zurich’s AURA event hall received the exclusive #1 Swiss Location Award in 2016 – a testimony to DreamBeam’s effectiveness. 95% of AURA events used DreamBeam. www.aura-zurich.ch


What makes the DreamBeam system unique?

It’s a total package, uniform throughout the world, ensuring the highest level of quality, support and long-life performance. We combine custom technology, award-winning software, reliable customer service, support and updates. Our expert skills make sure every event – is spectacular.

Is the format flexible? Can it be scaled to any event hall?

Yes. The format is flexible, as every event hall has its own dimension and characteristics. We design it to enhance your space.

Does DreamBeam offer a partnership?

Yes. A partnership brings added value far beyond the installation service. We act as the designers and the factory so that future updates, new training and business exchanges are yours without delay.

Do you offer exclusive agreements?

Yes. This can secure your advantage over competitors. You’ll be the only one within your agreed region to have DreamBeam.

Do we need to hire a specific kind of engineer to operate the equipment?

No. DreamBeam manages the installation, operation and support year after year. Our engineers, designers and your staff ensure the expertise, professional skills and highest level of customer service.

Can we get support 24/7?

Yes. Our on-site DreamBeam operators will work locally with you in your event hall to guarantee seamless operations. These operators are also responsible for event creative development, operation and maintenance.

Can we engage our own film team or design studio?

Yes. Any media type can be projected with the DreamBeam system. DreamBeam Content Guidelines provide all the specifics you need.

Can we use our own video or backgrounds rather than yours?

Yes. We can implement your video or any other media type quickly and generally deliver a preview within 24h. Our DreamBeam Design Studio will happily produce any custom-made scene you wish.

How quickly can our event venue change from one scene to another?

Instantly! This is the beauty of the system. You can determine the transition method and style as well.

Do we need to rent any additional equipment?

95% of events are operated without any additional technical equipment. And this will represent significant savings all the time.

Is there anything you can’t do?

In our 5-year history, we have always been able to meet client expectations. Our post-event client follow-up shows a remarkable approval rating and true 5-star reviews.