DreamBeam | The Events
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The Events

DreamBeam combines our innovative technology – 360°moving projections, high-tech sound and lighting systems – with a team to insure highly creative events and smooth performances every time. The intuitive software means quick event turnover and increased revenue. Adaptable to every space.

Corporate Events

For TV network events, banks, automotive reveals, seminars, sales meetings, business celebrations, etc. The world-class control system’s easy handling is ideal for coordinating cue-driven visuals with complex event sequences showcasing VIP’s, music and guest speakers. Custom design your client’s sales package with multiple live-camera video feeds, PPTs, websites and videos.  

Product Roll-outs / Live Events Streamed

 The 360° panoramic walls present a dynamic canvas for synchronized sound and video imagery. Operator edits are quick and professional. The expansive scale creates an impressive, convincing, unforgettable experience of the product. Incorporate a live event – a fashion show, for instance.


Weddings/ Dinners/ Dancing/ Gala Events

Stage unforgettable weddings and other gala events with cinema-size videos, multi-media slide montages, streamed videos – or choose a signature theme from among the vast catalog of ambient dreamscapes which can be quickly changed on cue as part of the event schedule. Concert-grade lighting and surround sound enhance the atmosphere. The sales team creates packages for any budget, greatly enhancing demand for your facility. 


DreamBeam’s 360° moving panoramic setting is the perfect stage for any dramatic, theatrical, exotic, glamorous  activity you might stage within the event venue. No extra AV rentals, no pick-up and delivery, no collateral damages either. Settings can be set to shift moods on cue and amplify the excitement.


The DreamBeam system remains profitable even when you offer the smallest packages created with modest budgets. DreamBeam’s designed so that your sales team can sell to your clients with minimal effort while boosting your room bookings, food and beverage and incidental income streams. Follow a company presentation and dinner with a fantastic nightclub atmosphere.